vrijdag 16 maart 2012

Lugnoro – Annorstädes

Lugnoro – Annorstädes
Ozium Records – 2012
Rock, Psychedelics, Seventies, Progressive, Blues
Rated: ****

It’s the seventies man, interlaced with psychedelics from the era of fluid projections as well as elements from progressive rock and blues. As the initial release by the new Swedish label Ozium Records, they selected one kinghell of an album. Annorstädes, which is also the first full-sized record by fivesome Lugnoro, which hails from that same beautiful Scandinavian country and is jam-packed with blues rock fury delivered in feverish fervour. Like a band on a holy mission to bring that age-old good rock to everyone’s ear. Founded in the year of our Lord 2007 the band went through several line-up changes and released their first EP Tellus in 2009. The new album Annorstädes brings forth once more their love for the Hammond and progressive seventies blues. They use their devotion and their guitarlines to exact perfect harmonies and produce retro structures that will make the flowers on your blouse start to bloom, weave and dance. It’s all that Deep Purple glow, Led Zeppelin spirit and Allman Brothers cunning brought to you in an almost pastoral color and stately or ceremonious voice. And when the rock mass ends all we can do is pray that Lugnoro will succeed in their mission to turn heads and make them all tune in… It’s all happening man!

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