donderdag 15 december 2011

Number 17

“What do you think? Can I pull it off? This hat, with this collar and this bell? I know for sure that Number 17 can pull off whatever they want…”

Number 17

Two years in a row for these guys. There is only one other band, which pulled that off. Although there are two other bands later on that were featured in the top 20 of 2009. Anyhoo. Last year they almost made it to the number one spot with an album that was hailed as the benchmark for all new desert stoner bands out there. This year saw the release of their follow up to that magical dance and it carved out their own place nicely. Austrian mountain stoner and high altitude psychedelic tunes which were less of the Kyuss sort and more of that solid sound which is their own. Ooh yes, their very own. Their very own dark, twilight, twinkling and nightly sounds…

Been Obscene – Night O’ Mine

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  1. Yes! Great album and great guys! Hope another European tour is just around the corner?