zondag 26 december 2010

Number 5

Number 5

They’re glorious return to the scene was heralded by the bass-player kicking the habit; forming a new band and apologizing to his former band members for leaving them high and dry. “We forgive you; let’s do some kind of reunion tour to celebrate your return to the waking world. And why not release some old material and what the hell… Let’s dive into the studio to record some new stuff as well.” The result would almost get you hooked on smack; just so you can get clean too and record this kind of pure brilliance. Fifteen instrumental stoner-pearls by the band that defined the instrumental stoner genre back in the days. Did I say fifteen? I meant thirteen; cause blood-brother and savior of the aforementioned bass-player Daniel Davies of Year Long Disaster sings a song and living legend (and one short time part of the band) John ‘Stop Calling Me A Living Legend’ Garcia also delivers on a tune. Co-produced by Scott Reeder we can justly claim this album to by a regular stoner tour de force! Driving rhythms, pounding drums and groovy guitar-work. And with Year Long Disaster and the Burners becoming a sort of single rocking outfit; they rock.. err… twice as hard! This holds a lot of promise for the new album in 2011 on which Garcia will also sing at least one song!

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  1. Excellent return from the mighty k2b. I reaqlly enjoyed this album, rocks hard, tight and musical progression too. It's still unmistakeably a Karma to Burn album, brilliant stuff. And they are all really nice too.