zondag 26 december 2010

Number 1

Number 1


The number one album according to 37 lists sent in by the Stoner HiVe peeps; the one that bested number two with a mere six points difference; the one that received the double amount of points that number three received, is a band that has been around since 1993 and released their seventh record this year. And after only a few tones you know that this record continues where the fantastic Witchcult Today left off. Occult and bloody tales of devil-worship and hallucinogenic fantasies full satyrs and other fun scum. With a pure underground seventies sound we are treated to eight ostracisions that are both haunting and hypnotic. Furious bass; droning riffs and a voice that wails as heavy as the guitars provide a wall of sound that feels like a mythical castle to some otherworld creature. It is once again a dark and twisted record that must have been invoked by Lucifer himself. A Mass so great that its addictive power sucks you in leaves you nothing but the humming Blackness of these electrified magicians! The gold medal goes to; the number one album of 2010 according to the Stone HiVe Freaks is:


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  1. Happy New Year everyone; may 2011 bring all you desire! Hope all of ya enjoyed the Stoner HiVe Ultimate top 20 of 2011! (And we will certainly do this again next year; when we hope to break the 40 or 50 sent in lists barrier?)

    And I wonder if everyone was as surprised as me to see the huge difference between the amount of votes the top 2 got and the number 3... The fact that newcomer Been Obscene got this high; and Electric Wizard first?

    I thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of maself once again! (Even though updating via phone isn't perfect...)

  2. Enjoyed the top stuff of 2010

    Shame every link to your No.1 is dead

  3. Yep; the Wizards are keen in deleting the links!

    Luckily there is always Bubba who will come to the rescue!