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Robot God – Portal Within



Robot God – Portal Within
Kozmik Artifactz – 2024
Rock, Psych, Space, Stoner, Prog, Fuzz
Rated: *****

Two years after the much acclaimed Worlds Collide album, the Sydney, Australia three called Robot God are back with a new release called Portal Within. Comprised out of four songs, lasting almost forty-two minutes, the album is here to take you on a journey. And even if the title suggests this will go inwards, the expansiveness of the compositions will surely make it extend outwards as well. For the four tracks are all like that free rock, long form, jam based, psychedelic and progressive rock we all adore and long for. But with a definite stonerrock and riff revering undercurrent, it also has that sweet and dusty desert vibe. Half way through that first song Long Way Round you are jogged awake out of your lovely cosmic slumber by vocals which take you down to earth and into the desert. They tell of a storm approaching, and it does, for that ending maelstrom turns the composition into a cosmic storm of gigantic proportions that seems to serve as a quick knockout punch ending. But before you get there, the seventies inspired guitar solo first, the motoring riffage that leads up to that eye of the storm, the quiet section, where the guitar solo goes bluesy and proggy all have you traversing this windswept and baking hot extremely wide landscape. Following track Illusion of Order, with six minutes on the clock, is the shortest track on the album. Strident, yet sliding vocal lines, pull you along in the song, where the majestic, low and dirty, bass work sets the scene for something atavistic stonerrock. So incredibly gritty, sandblasted and exhuming this dry heat, Illusion of Order is there for the perfect generator party. Since the title track is called Portal Within, we shall refrain from commenting where it took us. Cause we would not want to influence your journey in this case. And then there’s final track Nazare, which definitely takes me back to my time at that legendary beach in Portugal. The long straight of beach, the slow rolling waves. There were no monster waves during that time. And this nine minute track of Nazare seems to hint at those tranquil days, lounging in the sun, riding those perfect rollers. For yes, there seem to be those lovely sounds of ocean, before the guitar, with a minor Mediterranean touch, starts up. As soon as the guitar shifts in heaviness that Mediterranean also hints at a slower version of surf rock influences. And the once again the vocals, instilling their surfpoke message. Ride the wave. Take the ride. Or be sure to ride that massive one called your life. Well, and the new Robot God album Portal Within is definitely that, one hell of a ride!

(Written by JK)

Album comes out on Kozmik Artifactz, April 26th...




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