donderdag 6 mei 2021

Hot Breath – Rubbery Lips


Hot Breath – Rubbery Lips
The Sign Records – 2021
Rated: ****

It was one of the three releases featured on the April Doom Charts that we had not yet heard. And when we read Eric ‘The General’ Varasifsky ‘s blurb about the new Hot Breath album, we knew we had to quickly remedy that! And after that initial track Right Time we knew that Rubbery Lips, as the album is called, would be the perfect cure for our sickness that is us missing Juliette And The Licks so incredibly hard. Cause Rubbery Lips have produced this amazing smash ‘n grab rock ‘n roller that takes you back to the seventies just as easily as to that ballsy hardrock from the eighties. It’s got proto metal vibes, fast paced garage sensations and every possible hard rocking element that you might need to get your groove on and send you all-nite jukin’! The music stands so incredibly tall, so huge, so enormous, that it will undoubtedly make you go crazy, but it’s the hellcat vocals that will make you go wild! It has a certain vibrating presence. And it will touch you with the kind of madness that drives a shark insane in a blood-stained sea…

(Written by JK)



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