donderdag 4 februari 2021

Marijuana Johnson – Gem City Kush

Marijuana Johnson – Gem City Kush
Self released / Sweet Cheetah PR – 2021
Rock, Stoner, Doom, Metal, Punk
Rated: ****

Three-piece Marijuana Johnson from Dayton, Ohio, USA show their NBPS colors from the get-go. Yes, they have to be Natural Born Pot Smokers; cause the album is titled Gem City Kush, starts out with a Snoop Dogg snippet and with a vocal line that goes something like this: “Smoke all the Weed and fuck the pigs…” and a bit further down the line we hear: “You don’t want to smoke, best be on your way.” And ofcourse the track titles leave little to the imagination either with titles like This Smoke, Kush, Trees, Endo in the Outdo, Smoke Signals, Green Means Go. And I’m pretty sure Nuclear Godzilla will be the name for a certain kind of weed as well. So, its safe to say, these cats know how to get high. And that shines through in the music, which will get you high like second handed smoke given to you by that lovely girl in the corner that was holding the bong like her hands were made of Pattex. Oh yes, the Marijuana Johnson three know the deal and probably every dealer in your home town. But will this little Gem only entertain the Natural Born Pot Smokers? Hell no,  this is for every skater loving punk, for every punk loving hardrocker and every hardrocking metalhead. Cause it’s got all the goods and the bag is full of the pure stuff; so no seeds, no stems and no sticks! No stress! Just pure Gem City Kush!

(Written by JK)






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