donderdag 30 januari 2020

Vessel - The Void Tempest

Vessel - The Void Tempest

G’day y’all! We are honored to introduce the new Vessel single of their upcoming album Vagabond Blues. It’s called The Void Tempest and it’s one of the seven tracks that are featured on the album that will drop on February 7th through Majestic Mountain Records. The first single Twenty Twenty, premiered on Outlaws Of The Sun and was a fast paced grimy and fuzzy kick ass stoner trucker. Their second single, The Void Tempest goes off into another dimension, showcasing that these crazy Aussies can do it all! Slow and heavy it will make you crazy with lust for the rest of the album! Which we shall review before it drops on February 7! Check out The Void Tempest! And get ready for the awesome ride!

Tracklisting for Vagabond Blues:

Vagabond Blues
Twenty twenty
Atacama (Instrumental)
Red Witch
Dark in the light
The Void Tempest
The Devil’s Backyard (lead vocals by Sue D. Nym)

Recorded and mixed by Jesse Oberin
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg

Vagabond blues vinyl will go on sale at release date, February 7th at Majestic Mountain Records


Majestic Mountain Records


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