vrijdag 5 juli 2019

Hippie Death Cult – 111

Hippie Death Cult – 111
Cursed Tongue Records – 2019
Stoner, Doom, Sludge
Rated: ****

Portland, Oregon has long been lauded as the US Capital of Doom and it's no surprise that it should once again spawn an album of Intensity, Intelligence and Invention. Hippie Death Cult's new opus, 111 reads like a Rocker's almanac: a mental cognizance of every Great band you ever heard... It's all here - laid bare, unashamed and honest. Opener 'Sanctimonious' sets the stage with dry - ice and dreadnought riffs… A Heavy Blues monolith to the mighty Sabbaths and Iron Claws of yore. 'Breeder's Curse' stabs glistening knives of fuzz through the fabric of Psychedelic Doom, grappling hooks and gravel-gargled voice on counter-attack. 'Myrtu's gentle guitar refrain provides a brief, calm oasis... Reflective and wistful before the punishment begins again and the raging maelstrom that is 'Pigs' stomps and stamps its command on your ears. HDC have unearthed a album that is immediately evocative of all the 70's Heavy Blues giants and the influences can be heard throughout… But Retro it is not... This is Modern Heavy Rock music of the very Highest Order that just has enough of that nostalgic feel to be familiar. A Triumph!

(Written by Reek of STOOM)

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