zondag 16 juni 2019

Baroness – Gold & Grey

Baroness – Gold & Grey
Abraxan Hymns – 2019
Rock, Metal, Prog Stoner
Rated: ****

Once upon a time in the magical Kingdom of Heavy, there was a band called Baroness. After some EPs, the band released the “Blue” and “Red” albums and all the subjects of the kingdom celebrated with much joy and drinks and drugs because the two albums were declared masterpieces and the band were the best in the world. All was good in the Kingdom of Heavy. Then the band released “Yellow & Green” and “Purple” and a lot of the subjects cursed the band because these new albums were not the same as “Red” and “Blue” and in the Kingdom of Heavy the subjects became sad and cursed Baroness for changing and not staying the same for years and years. So all the subjects waited to see what the new album “Gold & Grey” would sound like. And up in the Dark Tower, the brave reviewers who listen to piles and piles of shit so you don’t have to, shouted down to the waiting subjects and declared “Some of you saps will hate it, some will love it. It is like none of the albums mentioned but a glorious mixture of all of them, showcasing the song writing skills of a band secure in their own abilities, still heavy, still displaying light and shade and still awesome”

How did the subjects of Kingdom of Heavy react to this news? Who gives a shit!

(Written by Tony Maim)

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  1. Hasn't been able to grip me just yet... Might need more time for this one...


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