maandag 13 mei 2019

Stoner HiVe’s Top 5 artists listened to last week…

Stoner HiVe’s
Top 5 artists listened to last week…

Ola amigo’s! Como estas? The sun is shining over here and the weather is looking good! As we are about to head out and get some rent-paying-jobs done, we quickly run down the most listened to albums of the past week. For instance, 3 Chord Propaganda! Madman Tony Maim’s very own musical outlet! He screams his weird poetic laughter at you across punky stoner and grungy hardcore! Check out his DEad Poet Tapes Vol.1! Which we also mention in the post above this one! Per Wiberg has given us his first solo record! The man from bands like Opeth, Kamchatka and many more is on fire on his very own Head Without Eyes album. Out on Despotz Records, it moves through a realm very akin to those two bands yet also more progressive here, spacey there or cinematic heavy! It’s simply freaking amazing! Them Bulls! Them Bulls release their All That Glitter record on their own this time around. Sending out Queens Of The Stone Age and Palm Desert scene vibes across the globe. The record has also been mastered by Mathias Schneeberger and brings us back to the days when QOTSA first started taking over the world. Damn fine catchy robot, desert and stoner! Bombay Groovy! When Reek of STOOM starts raving about a certain band, we sit up, pay attention and start listening. And then we keep on listening and listening! “The level of musicianship on display here is simply mind-boggling and the True fusion of East meets West is both evident and executed with a vigor and depth these old ears haven't heard in too - long a time.” Right on Reek! Right on! Seven Hundredth Unicorn and their Culture of Fear record will blow your ears off! A doom, sludge, black, death, noise, grind, punk, metal duo, yes duo, that will destroy all your sensibilities and will brutally slay every little last bit of hope you might retain. This will either relieve all your angst and anxieties or it will double it! No middle ground! Damn, outright heavy violence! Check it out! Check’m all out!

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