zaterdag 29 september 2018

Massa – Walls

Massa – Walls
Self released – 2018
Rock, Post, Sludge
Rated: ****

We just mentioned the new album of Komatsu and these cats would fit nicely on a bill. Very snugly even. Walls is the new release by Dutch three-piece Massa. Five tracks of cinematic post rock enveloped by both sludgy moments and spacey seventies elements. With samples and limited amount of vocals the tracks produce wild tension arcs that seem to try to risk up the mix. Which often leads you to cross the wrong wires, sooner or later, and get burned to cinder. Not with Massa though, they expertly navigate across the tightrope and laugh in the face of trepidation. They build an extensive and magnificent structure, eccentric and august. There is beauty here and there is something very vivid; as if the compositions are alive and will slowly transform into more and more. And that’s on a studio recording. Can you imagine what it would be like to hear this live? Will have to make sure that happens!

(Written by JK)

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