vrijdag 6 april 2018

Legend of The Seagullmen – Legend of The Seagullmen

Legend of The Seagullmen – Legend of The Seagullmen
Dine Alone – 2018
Rock, Metal
Rated: ***

Apparently, we have Josh Homme to thank for the maritime metal supergroup called Legend of The Seagullmen. The project came into existence when the aforementioned Queens Of The Stone Age mastermind introduced Brent Hinds from Mastodon to filmmaker and guitar player Jimmy Hayward from Jonah Hex. Soon they found vocalist David Dreyer and the ideas for a ‘nautical spaghetti western’ were flying high! The result is here and also features Tool drummer Danny Carey and Zappa Plays Zappa bassist Peter Griffin. The crazies have delivered a self-titled debut with eight tracks that seem inspired by bands like Rainbow and Black Sabbath. Seventies psychedelic, but then metallic and hot sauced with seafaring craziness and stormy tales of woe. There are parts of the record that come across as drunken and marooned. Some guitar parts sound unfinished or like a rough sketch. As do some of the vocals; as if the fun in the studio was a bit too much for the ol’ boys! But that audible fun is also the main charm of the album. The vintage metal sound, the concept and the theatrical hymns entertain, and one cannot help but want to enlist with the Seagullmen and travel the oceans!

(Written by JK)

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