woensdag 22 november 2017

Radio Moscow – New Beginnings

Radio Moscow – New Beginnings
Century Media – 2017
Psychedelic, Hard Rock, Heavy Blues
Rated: *****

On this album called New Beginnings, Radio Moscow have perfectly transferred their sprawling jams to vinyl with fantastic results. Track lengths have been cut down this time around, giving the album a sense of urgency and pace. Vocals floating in reverb sit on top of the groove being produced as the band play stupidly tight hooks that lodge into your brain. A harmonica dips in and out but the main star here is the guitar. In fact this album is an act of worship to all the sounds that can be wrung out from the electric guitar. Holding high the torch that was lit by Hendrix, Clapton and West, Parker Griggs burns brightly with the white hot heat that an amp turned up full can produce. Wah-wah, chugging, riffs, solos, distortion all make this heavy psych offering a masterpiece of freak out and head nodding. This is the good stuff.

(Written by Tony Maim)

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