dinsdag 24 januari 2017

Death Alley – Live at Roadburn

Death Alley – Live at Roadburn
Suburban Records/Teepee Records – 2017
Rock, Psych, Stoner, Doom,
Rated: *****

This live album contains two things we love. Death Alley and Roadburn. A live recording from their impressive 2016 show on that infamous festival in Tilburg, Netherlands. Where they were joined by Ron van Herpen (Astrosoniq, ex-The Devil’s Blood, currently of ZooN) and Jevin de Groot (ex-Mühr) to deliver a moving and awesome performance. And those four tracks have now been saved for eternity. Having more ex members of The Devil’s Blood on stage ofcourse summoned the spirit of Selim Lemouchi. Which was punctuated by the It’s On track, penned by Lemouchi. And before I start stealing Walter’s words, let me just focus on the recording in hand and on ears. They jump right in with the It’s On track and have it breath life and room into this Death Alley incarnation. Which originally sounds much more concise, speedy and to the point. This time however we are treated to spacious, wild and jam like renditions of the four tracks. Which ends with the amazing twenty-two minutes long Supernatural Predator. Overwhelming, emotional waves of pure musical bliss. It is twenty-two minutes of excellent momentum and high energy, straight and direct from the great magnet. They did not just channel the spirt of Lemouchi, they channeled the spirits of all the music Gods. And this live is recording will rank among the top five of live recordings ever done and is meant for them… The fallen ones. The Gods of yore…

(Written by JK)

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