vrijdag 25 november 2016

Pocket Size – Vemood

Pocket Size – Vemood
MillHill productions – 2016
Rock, Instrumental, Jazz, Prog, Psych, Jam
Rated: ****

As main man Peter Pedersen and the rest of his Pocket Size guns for hire finished up the last record Exposed Undercurrents the man felt fatigued and drained. The artistic adventure had taken its toll and there was no way out. The undercurrents project twisted his mind in such a way that the only route left was to take up the stream of consciousness approach. Recorded live and with only a bare framework present at the start for each of the songs, the players had to dig deep into themselves and into the energy floating around to come up with the right parts to invest in. And man, did these guys connect. Okay let’s make this quick and get the one point of criticism about the new Vemood record out of the way, it is the fact that between songs the man directs words of wisdom at us. But mostly in his native tongue. Which we unfortunately can barely understand. It also takes some of the flow out of the otherwise excellent songs. Moving distinctly into the more classic jazz-rock landscape on most of the tracks there is not one brush stroke in the wrong color. And the dynamics of the nine players working to make every painting a masterpiece seem to have been in perfect synch at the moment of recording. What views, what vistas. They definitely leave a lingering image of inspiration in the mind…

(Written by JK)

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