zaterdag 15 oktober 2016

Voodoo Idol – Sense

Voodoo Idol – Sense
Self released – 2016
Rock, Psych, Stoner, Alternative, Eighties, Nineties
Rated: *****

Voodoo Idol, a female fronted power trio from Moscow, Russia. Sense, their debut album, released about two weeks ago. Sleepytime, the first mind blowing song on the record. With an underlying storytelling eighties rumbling bass, which seems to belong to Wall of Voodoo or Stan Ridgway (reminding of Bel-Air Blues) (which in turns stems from the nursery rhyme Brother John), that first track takes you by storm. It might be caused by my love for those two earlier mentioned acts, but for me it has turned into a might worm. It has hooked it's voodoo claws in my brain and will not release its hold. I cannot seem to get enough of that first song or the rest of the album for that matter. Nine concise tracks in all, that are beautiful and have this sort of polyrhythmic aggressiveness to it, perhaps thanks to that edgy voice of vocalist and guitarist Alina Goldobina. It sounds like cracked crystal and is exactly the right color for their kind of music. Which also turns groovy and danceable once we get further down the tracks, nineties alternative inspired and… Shit, let’s stop beating around the bush here and just state the absolute obvious: I love this album. Sense, by Voodoo Idol is exactly the kind of record I need at this moment of time. And I am sure everyone reading this will be just as smitten!

(Written by JK)

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