donderdag 12 mei 2016

Vokonis – Olde One Ascending

Vokonis – Olde One Ascending
Ozium Records – 2016
Rock, Doom, Stoner, Psych, Metal
Rated: ****

Sweden. One of those chosen countries. And definitely when it comes to all the heavy stuff we all love so dearly. The list of amazing bands coming from that country is simply endless, and new ones pop up every day. Some of which ofcourse stem from outfits that stopped for whatever reason at the time. One of them is Vokonis, comprised out of members from Creedsmen Arise and Ginger Trees. A power trio in every sense of that word. Powerful. Heavy. Doom. Stoner. Metal. All of it applies to a maximum and all of them fall short in telling the real story of Vokonis. For that you will have to experience the full force of the six amazing tracks on their debut effort called Olde One Ascending. They dipped deep into the pool of Iommi and drank heavily of everything Sabbath and Sleep while clashing their cups which are filled to the brim with majestic riffs and exalted repetition with fellow countrymen Monolord. Like the laugh of a man sentenced to death, their trucking sends shivers down your spine. And even though all the tracks have that hazy stoner doom edge, they all have a very own atmosphere and identity. And they are all of such a high level and transcending nature one can only expect Vokonis to rise and reach even greater heights then what was expected or the Creedsmen. Yes, that Ozium Records label knows where the truly good stuff came be found. Yes, Olde One Ascending is solid, roadworthy and amazing. Smoky tunes for gnarly beards drowning in pints of larger. We love it!

(Written by JK)

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