donderdag 30 januari 2014

We Hunt Buffalo – Blood From A Stone

We Hunt Buffalo – Blood From A Stone
Self released/Southern Cross – 2013
Rock, Stoner, Hard
Rated: *****
The Vancouver trio We Hunt Buffalo bring the words heavy and awesome to a completely different level. On their new EP Blood From A Stone they bring massive rock with so much grime and fuzz; one is inclined to think nothing will ever top this four-track EP in massive cumbersome rawness ever. Period. Squashed like a bug; which keeps jittering thanks to the rhythms, melodies and damn contagious vocal lines and compositions. It reminds of the Belgian Triggerfinger and electrifies the body and soul just as much; or maybe even more. But where the Belgians move more towards blues and slowdown in every way possible all together during some of their songs; this is always on some weird level disturbingly booming and rowdy. It is loud, powerful and almost overwhelming. But as the sound washes over you, you simply move with the tide and let your bones drift away. And you wouldn’t even mind drowning; as long as this EP is the soundtrack of your doom. Hell, if anybody is able to squeeze blood from a stone, its We Hunt Buffalo. With sonic power alone…
(Written by JK)

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