dinsdag 5 februari 2013

Annimal Machine – Annimal Machine

Annimal Machine – Annimal Machine 
Self released – 2013 
Rock, Stoner, Metal 
Rated: ***** 

I have great love for Mexico. Ever since a good friend of mine moved to Mexico a few years back to flee the horrible weather and the economical crises heading this way; my love for the country has grown exponentially. He is now the proud owner of an amazing collection of sexshops across wonderful Mexico. So whenever a release from that side of the pond finds his way here, I can’t help but get even more excited. But in the case of Annimal Machine it is completely justified! Holy freakin crap; these three tracks on their first release hit like ten ton heavy monstertruck on a rampage. There is no escaping the simple fact that this is incredibly awesome. Roaring like a fuzzy mountain lion and trampling like a distorted mammoth herd. It’s ferocious, it’s feral and it machinates to make every fiber in your being jump and turn into blissful euphoria! Get on board the Annimal Machine! 

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