donderdag 26 juli 2012

Baroness – Yellow & Green

Baroness – Yellow & Green
Relapse records – 2012
Rock, Alternative, Stoner, Metal
Rated: ****

On our voyage down south we were treated less to the ancient roars and cavemen riffs we had been expecting of the new Baroness record Yellow & Green. Instead of the colorful Neanderthal musical drawings we had been expecting we were treated to wonderful kaleidoscopic and airy compositions that fit perfectly with the traversing landscape. With every record the guys become ever more accessible to a much wider audience; and where genre companions Mastodon largely tries to do the same thing; Baroness never wavers, does it with grace and succeeds. Solid tight rock songs on the first part called Yellow with instantly recognizable choruses. And thanks to the gripping guitar work we taste some true melodic riffs and solo’s without it ever becoming tedious. On the second part Green we traverse with the guys through the psychedelic landscape. Less thrilling perhaps but with ever so often a true musical pearl or a compelling new level in their music. Real song songs from the men with beards!

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