woensdag 16 mei 2012

Von Durden – Dandy Animals

Von Durden – Dandy Animals
VVEGA / PIAS – 2011
Rock, Pop, Stoner, Disco, Electronics
Rated: ***

Back in 2008 when they released their debut album Death Discotheque; The Von Durden Party Project consisted of three members. Even though they started out with an impressive five a year before. Nowadays they shortened their name to simply Von Durden and have grown once again into a fivesome. And their second album Dandy Animals has moved even further along the poppy sound that was already present on their first record. Together with ever-present synthesizers and very danceable beats it almost leads to invent yet another stoner-related scene: stonerdisco. Sure we still hear some influences from Queens Of The Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal. But they lean more towards the Infadels now or a weird hybrid version of Chemical Brothers and Foo Fighters. Dandy Animals; highly energetic and dynamic danceable rock to move your feet to and flirt with them girls going wild…

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