donderdag 25 augustus 2011

Desert Storm – Desert Storm

Desert Storm – Desert Storm
Self released – 2008
Rock, Stoner, Metal, Blues, Southern
Waardering: ****

After only one year of jamming together the British outfit Desert Storm started recording their first self-titled album. A few of those songs got spiced up for their 2010 record Forked Tongues. For the most part however this 2008 album sounds like groove metal for the biker community. It’s high fire testosterone and a liquor spiced full throttle groove. It’s psychedelic gutter blues with just the right amount of madness to make your head pop and bop. It has that eerie quality of making sense without being vocal about it. And the singer is even more roaring like a speeding bike or on the rare calm moments of weirdness like a crazy demon who lost his tail… Aah yes, this might even be outlandish ‘o natural, personified…

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