woensdag 13 juli 2011

John Lancaster – Phantom Moon

John Lancaster – Phantom Moon
High Fidelio Recordings – 2011
Rock, Metal, Progressive, Stoner, Alternative
Waardering: ****

The solo debut record Phantom Moon by John Lancaster, former frontman of Chum, member of Guru Lovechild, Earth to Eros, and Semi-Automatic, is filled with the musical top of the bill of the Huntington, West Virginia region of the United States. We hear a Josh Adkins (Abdullah, Erase the Grey), hero Dave Angstrom (Asylum on the Hill, Hermano, Supafuzz), Jude Blevins (Satchell, Hyatari, Skinfork), Bud Carroll (Bud Carroll and the Southern Souls, American Minor), Elwood Francis (Prunella Scales, Abusement Park, Control Freak), Aaron Grubbs (Science for Children), Daniel Johnson (Let the Guilty Hang), Rusty Knight (In Stereo, Earth to Eros), dUg Pinnick (King’s X), Barry Smith (Earth to Eros, Hybrid Zero), and Matt Wolfe (Scrap Iron Pickers, Byzantine). Besides that amazing roll call the album is also filled with heavy melodic rock tunes that float towards alternative rock via one current or towards a heavy progressive waterfall on a next wave. But always on a heavy-laden groove and with an enormous amount of feeling. And on that solid foundation he is able to create majestic songs through powerful riffs, keyboard walls and incredible vocals. Grand, stirring and ambitious without becoming bombastic. Hats off Sir Lancaster! And now let’s hope that he finds his way over the pond together with Asylum On The Hill and Banderas some day… Soon…

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