woensdag 31 juli 2019

The Madman’s Monthly Ruckus Round-up


The Madman’s Monthly Ruckus Round-up

As we almost enter August and we shall be treated to a new Doom Chart edition we look back to what Madman Tony Maim had to say about June! Cause as you might have gathered,  he fired up his Black Insect Laughter blog a bit… Once a month the Madman will put forth his choices of Punk and Hardcore releases that made him go: ‘fuck yeah!’. And that’s the most important reason we want to hear about new releases! So, head on over to Black Insect Laughter and read up on all that insanity from the past months before August starts damaging your ears! Fine picks indeed! The oi-punk of Boots On The Ground by Gutter Knife for instance. And when his quote reads: “Horrible old skool three chord three piece skate punk thrash band straight off the mean streets of South Wales UK. Been waiting a while for some new material and this does not let you down…” You know you need to check out Grand Relapse by Pizzatramp! O, and then he goes and mentions Helms Alee, which seems a bit odd between all those punk records; but it’s Helms Alee; and we love Helms Alee! So we can understand why the Madman chose to mention the new Notiluca by the majestic Helms Alee!

Hey… And while you’re there! Check out the Madman’s very own project 3 Chord Propaganda! He just released his DEad Poet TapesVol.1 and it’s filled with punk poetry and gritty grunge!

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