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Elder – The Gold & Silver Sessions EP

Elder – The Gold & Silver Sessions EP
PostWax Records – 2019 (July 12th)
Stoner, Psych, Progressive
Rated: *****

Since 2006, Boston's Elder have shone like a beacon in the Underground: a band who's output has been met with universal acclaim and admiration, culminating in 2017's triumphant Reflections of a Floating World. The World stood, poised, baited-breathed and eager for their next foray... The Gold & Silver Sessions heralds the return of a band who's assuredness and constant striving has delivered a jewel of a release: a multi-faceted, shining stone of effortless Psychedelia that bathes in warm shallows of serenity, meanders through Inner-spatial mind caverns and ion-fueled excursions into the Outer Realms. 'Illusory Motion' rolls out a lush red carpet of velvet textures and delays, drawing the listener into a plethora of pleasures. 'Im Morgengrauen's arrival by way of soft Rhodes tinklings and smooth, subdued bass defies all sense of a blunt burning to the roach without you even knowing nor caring, before the seeping melodic guitar passes through your mind like a sweet flow of treacle. The epic on the EP at 18+ minutes is 'Weißensee'...opening with Krautrock rhythm patterns and Gottsching-like guitar weaves before the solar sails unfurl and venture forth into galaxies of groove and glee… Elder have become the Elon Musk of the music world - bold risk-takers who not only see the Bigger Picture but daub the canvas with style, grace and eloquence... Ultimately finding True Glory!

(Written by Reek of STOOM)



And did you know they reached the Number One position of the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown at the end of the year with every studio album they released from 2011 on? 

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