zondag 10 februari 2019

Stone Witch – Desert Oracle

Stone Witch – Desert Oracle
Self released – 2019
Rock, Doom, Proto
Rated: ****

Something wicked comes this way. Something ominous is afoot. Calamity lurks and the very spirt of malevolence will be here by the end of the day. So, the cartomancer speaks! The Stone Witch! The Desert Oracle! On this new release the hair-rising, spine-chilling atmosphere gets an ominous treatment.  It evokes that atmosphere with lo-fi, gritty, proto doom and an ancient sounding ritual of skiving riffs, echoing rhythms and an intense granular sound…  And then there’s the Dutchman… An acoustic Americana inspired doom ballad that sends off waves and waves of David Lynch like tales of woe. And that broken voice; and that despairing echo. Ye gods, this is the real deal! 

(Written by JK)

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