vrijdag 21 december 2018

Number 13

Number 13

All Them Witches and their ATW album soared high on the psychedelic blues current on Number 14. And now we move on with a mere 4 points to unlucky Number 13. Where we find an album that was massively voted for by the first lists that came in and stayed among the top albums until suddenly the votes faltered. But come hell or high water this album will mesmerize and will force you into submission. There’s so much Jazz here that the entire record becomes one fluent groove of doom, drone and stoner. It’s dark, its’s dusty and it’s deliriously sultry. In a big part thanks to the vocals that sway and weave across the tracks. So take a little walk to the edge of town and go across those tracks. Where the viaduct looms, like a bird of doom... (sorry)... There is so much determination and audacity that you soon become engulfed by this pure feast to your ears… On unlucky Number 13 we find…

Messa - Feast For Water

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