dinsdag 30 januari 2018

Vvlva – Path To Virtue

Vvlva – Path To Virtue
World In Sound – 2018
Rock, Hard, Psych, Prog, Kraut, Seventies
Rated: *****

Where you also amazed, wowed and enchanted by that three track EP Shaking Bones released by Vvlva in 2016? Well, we were. We were right there with them, kandy-kolored, elektrik and kool-aid guzzling! From those first seventies inspired tones to that final abrupt ending we were on board with Vvlva and loved their psychedelic hardrock. It had everything we love so dearly and we were longing to hear more. Well, here it is! The new album Path To Virtue will be released on February 16th and is one magical carpet ride! It is one big ‘yeah!’ and ‘groovy!’ from beginning to end. And it is one big psychedelic prog record like the greats of yore used to make. It sounds grandiose and gigantic in all its efforts. See me waving my arm around, gesturing like madman! You can't help it! This really makes you all warm and fuzzy inside! Giddy with glee! And as mentioned it is much more progressive than their earlier EP. Making every repeated listening session a new and colorful experience! It’s all happening man! Path To Virtue is the yellow brick road everybody needs to start walking. It will lead you to the majestic castle, and there, the show shall commence in all its glory! Path Of Virtue is the soundtrack to everything wild and wonderful you can imagine!

(Written by JK)

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