donderdag 11 januari 2018

Kayleth – Colossus

Kayleth – Colossus
Argonauta Records - 2018
Stoner, Space, Rock
Rated: ****

Italian space rockers Kayleth have an almighty epic record on their hands. Like the bastard son of Orange Goblin and Monster Magnet, this album sets out for outer space with heavy riffs, plenty of fuzz and enough attitude to destroy anything that stands in their way. Understated synth playing gives a sparkle and sheen to the song compositions without becoming just annoying “spacey sounds”. Yep, of course the lyrics are sci-fi themed but at the heart of things, Kayleth play heavy rock like it should be played – you know the score by now ….. big sound, massive production, meaty riffs and it fills me with the urge to stomp my feet and nod my head like a metronome running on bad drugs. Blast off with “Colossus”!

(Written by Tony Maim)

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