zondag 7 januari 2018

JK’s Personal Top 20

JK’s Personal Top 20

We do the Doom Charts. We love it. It is another way to get more attention for all those amazing albums released every month. But there are so many more albums that deserve attention. That is why I implore all of you to check out the other blogs, listed at the bottom of the Doom Charts. All of the contributors do majestic work on the respective sites. And over here, the HiVe, we do what we can. But we must confess, it's hard to keep up. With all the great music and all the annoying stuff that also demands attention. So, now and again, when another project comes up, we shall be on pause again. Unfortunately. But that is the nature of this game. Shit, I'm getting ahead of myself and away from what we should be discussing. How about shutting up and letting go the list of personal favorites! Here it is! (And remember, released in December 2016 also counts!)

1. Red Mountains – Slow Wander
2. Greenbeard – Lödarödböl
3. Elder – Reflections of A Floating World
4. Monolord – Rust
5. Spaceslug – Time Travel Dilemma
6. Purple Hill Witch – Celestial Cemetry
7. Doublestone – Devil's Own
8. War Cloud – War Cloud
9. Meteor Chasma – A Monkey Into Space
10. Red Scalp – Lost Ghosts
11. Chelsea Wolfe – Hiss Spun
12. Sean Wheeler – Desert In My Blood
13. Paradise – Yellow
14. The Mad Doctors – No Waves, Just Sharks
15. Vuelveteloca – Sonora
16. Sautrus – Anthony Hill
17. Automatic Sam – Arcs
18. Motorpsycho – The Tower
19. Disastroid – Screen
20. All Them Witches – Sleeping Through The War
21. Phe – Phe
22. Jegulja – Darkest Light
23. Carnaval – Miss Universe
24. Woodhawk – Beyond The Sun
25. Radio Moscow – New Beginnings

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