woensdag 10 januari 2018

Avon – Mad Marco

Avon – Mad Marco
Ozium Records – 2017
Rock, Stoner
Rated: ****

We've seen the different Kyuss members surface here, there or everywhere. But Alfredo Hernández was probably one of the more elusive ones. He did wild stints and wonderful things with loads of different projects. But nothing could really be called as his very own outlet; which might be a drummers curse. Brave Black Sea almost filled that spot; but was shortlived. Or was it? But immediately after came Avon. Featuring James Childs (Airbus, Lakota) and Charles Pasarell (Waxy, Lakota) with whom he already played on a couple of Vic Du Monte records. Is it an Alfredo project or a true three-piece if ever there was one. Well, they will soon release their new record Dave's Dungeon through Heavy Psych Sounds. So, the band is definitely on a roll! And their 2016 released record Mad Marco was a definite bullseye shot. And guess what, the righteous Ozium Records label took it upon themselves to spread the word even wider. A limited edition re-release with one extra track for those who missed out the first time around. A blue instead of a red cover; but with every dusty desert track still proudly rocking its majestic heritage. Seminal stoner that borders on the atavistic, but with enough psychedelic touches and pop sensible hooks to make you bop and nod. The groove runs deep and riffs flow like a cool breeze through the hot air. They are the best of the best and that is clearly audible on all the twelve tracks. The ending bonus track called Voidtronix is dreamy, atmospheric and has you on edge for the duration; waiting for a release. Waiting...  But it is Mad Marco! And Mad Marco does whatever the hell he wants!

(Written by JK)

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