donderdag 9 november 2017

The Bronx – V

The Bronx – V
ATO Records / Cooking Vinyl – 2017
Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Punk’n’Roll
Rated: *****

After a 4 year wait, The Bronx return with their 5th album, aptly titled V and from the first track, lay out their intent with a barrage of 3 chord anthems full of power and fury. This is music to be played loud and preferably with room to lurch around like a maniac. With an intense grimy and dirty sounding production, the songs hurtle along with a swagger and purpose. Angry guys to be sure; but the melody and singalong choruses make sure that it is an enjoyable experience. The Bronx are doing what The Bronx do and that makes me one hell of a happy human!

(Written by Tony Maim)

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