donderdag 3 november 2016

Tio Gringo – Reign In Mud

Tio Gringo – Reign In Mud
Trash Country – 2016
Rock, Hard, Country, Punk, Billy
Rated: ****

There’s a new label in town. And Trash Country Records is a righteous one. One that will be specializing in good times and great music. And all of them will be had, buried in trash or drowning in mud. Just like their first release. Celebrating the greatness that is Tio Gringo. After a wild first EP called Ducttape Diaries back in 2011 and the follow-up full-sized Country Trash To The Max a year later they now return with Reign In Mud. Messy, scruffy and dirty on all fronts, the record is a testament to everything Tio Gringo stands for. Bootlegging dubious quality moonshine and diving headfirst into every kind of filth conceivable. Their concoction of country, punk and billy has this hard driving and ultra-partying edge, it is a battle cry to get absolutely wasted and act like the beasts we all are. Capturing not only the live experience to a maximum degree, but also their age old, worn down, rickety and smelly yet always excellent country basslines. There is no way one cannot fall in love with these freaks, cause they are at heart, exactly like all of us… Crazy, wild and damn right filthy pigs!

(Written by JK)

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