zaterdag 18 juni 2016

Sidhe – Contenebrat

Sidhe – Contenebrat
Self released – 2016
Rock, Pagen, Metal, Gothic, Doom, Occult
Rated: ***

As the moon slowly hides behind the clouds and darkness descents we listen to the new record Contenebrat by Italian pagan rock and doom metalists Sidhe. We have ten new ritualistic and occult sounding tracks to dance around the cauldron with. Formed in 2005 the band has been heavily influenced by pagan and Celtic mythology. With a demo a year later and a full-sized debut She Is A Witch in 2012 under their belt it was time to do the sinister thing once again. The result is Contenebrat and sports heavy doom metal and every other occult influence one can think off. Even going more quiet and folky at times, and always retaining something highly musical. It might not always sound especially evil, but it does come across ritualistic and high quality. Sung in both English and Italian the music of this female fronted band, although there are also male vocals, drifts towards a lot of older Dutch bands such as The Gathering and Within Temptation. All in all, it just sits exactly right on every level, covering all the bases and making the Contenebrat experience a definite pleasure, it just misses that extra little bit of magic to make it truly enchanting…

(Written by JK)

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