zondag 15 mei 2016

Mike & The Melvins – Three Men And A Baby

Mike & The Melvins – Three Men And A Baby
SubPop – 2016
Rock, Punk, Sludge, Metal, Noise
Rated: **

For some weird and possibly fascist reason the recordings of Three Men And A Baby had been gathering dust on a shelf for about sixteen years. Cause it was around that period in history that noise duo GodheadSilo was taking a breather and vocalist/bassist Mike Kunka headed off into a studio with his buddies from The Melvins. So, let’s go back to 1999 and pray that the millennium bug doesn’t destroy civilization as we know it. (Cause we humans can do that ourselves.) The Melvins, we love’m, they’ve always done exactly what they wanted and gone the route they themselves aimed for. This give us an enormous and highly diverse catalog of albums, ep’s and songs. And this album seems to capture a lot of that in the space of twelve short tracks. It starts out damn promising with the first three tracks being lovely sludgy stomp on the terra and damn the consequences type rockers. But shortly thereafter the boys start swerving and the weird samples take over. When it comes to jams, you can get your booty licked here and smile with the guys, cause they sure as hell seemed to have fun. But for the most part it’s just that, the guys having fun and not actually carving out something we could get addicted to. Perhaps this calls for a new one day studio romp; for the baby must surely be an angry teenager by now…

(Written by JK)

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