vrijdag 13 november 2015

Vhöl – Deeper Than Sky

Vhöl – Deeper Than Sky
Profound Lore Records – 2015
Metal, Black, Death, Punk, Core, Experimental
Rated: ***

We all love Yob and all the dark, gloom, doom and awesomeness they produce. So when vocalist and guitarist Mike Scheidt starts hobbying around again with his prog power buddies from Hammers Of Misfortune and doom metal freaks Agalloch, we pay attention. Cause with the Vhöl vehicle and the new release Deeper Than Sky it sounds there’s definite more fun to be had and the reigns are slackened. Even though they burst out of the gates with the cutting power metal opener The Desolate Damned and Scheidt’s growling voice from the grave. But after this we are treated to something much lighter and almost buoyant. Take the long weaving title track for instance or the 3AM track, where we can definitely hear trash, speed, hardcore and punk going for the gusto. And even though I’m usually not very keen on black and death metal screeches, the way it is used in Lightless Sun is definitely commendable. As is their search for new ground in the combination of punk, hardcore and all the metal scenes mentioned before. Although we are unsure where to fit the instrumental piano ditty Paino? Comedic intermission?

(Written by JK)

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