donderdag 12 november 2015

JC Autobody – Witches

JC Autobody – Witches
Young Tobacco – 2015
Blues, Rock
Rated: ****

Hmmmm, The release Witches by JC Autobody from Indiana is not the kind of recording I would normally receive from our fearless leader JK. I'm not saying that's bad. I do get tired of the same old drone sometimes. But this release is more reminiscent of IAMX meets Jack White meets a Nine Inch Nails backing track at times with some psych rolled in. All bands I like and appreciate but would not expect at the HiVe. Maybe we are expanding our taste? Having said that, let's get on with it! The song writing is familiar and catchy and does have an old school feel at times. On the other hand the producing seems polished for such a record. The blues guitar playing is awesome. This is the highlight of the record. I wish the lead dude Newby would release some further credits on the bandcamp site. If that's him on the lead guitar he rocks the shit out of the record. I really appreciated and enjoyed that craftsmanship. Much of the playing on the record is reminiscent of some old blues masters but with those other elements that remind me of the aforementioned acts. Witches is a 3 song ep but one can get a bonus track with download from bandcamp. JC Autobody and Mr. Newby seem to me like a really good crossover artist. Is it stoner, psych, doom or blues, I don't fuckin know! It seems anything rock or heavy that's new, and isn't commercial is thrown into a category like stoner rock. All I know is I like good music, and therefor enjoyed Witches. Apologies to Mr. Newby for the mini rant during your review. I've been somewhat disgruntled lately… Nice work!!

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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