donderdag 19 november 2015

Dollar Llama – Grand Union

Dollar Llama – Grand Union
Self released – 2015
Metal, Sludge, Stoner, Rock
Rated: ****

Looking to get your heard straight? Yearning for something that will level your hours, your hearth and your heart? Get on board the Dollar Llama sludge train! Next stop: Grand Union! Ten massive, horns out, head banging sludge metal tracks that steam over you with no holds barred! Where do these five Lisbon, Portugal freaks come from and why haven’t I been going crazy to their music before? Excellent vocals that have that grimy heavy edge, without become to guttural or grating. A drummer that pounds like a mammoth and a bass player that can just as easily lay down the line or go berserk with speed. The only air comes in the form of the guitars that sometimes ease up and show a bit of classic colorings. But they too, aim mostly for that sludge trucking fast trudge and razor sharp cutting riffs. Make no mistake, this is grade A stuff and with ending tracks like Alpha Blood and especially closer Noisecreep, where the vocalist shows he’s capable of so much more, they slow down a bit and guitars howl and wail like pure gold, they send you off with a huge bang and a definite imprint on your mind, body and soul. The Dollar Llama train has arrived!

(Written by JK)

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