vrijdag 6 november 2015

Craneium – Explore The Void

Craneium – Explore The Void
Self released – 22015
Rock, Stoner, Fuzz, Classic
Rate: ****

Explore The Void, released digitally for your approval by Craneium. These heavy rockers hail from Turku, Finland, their business is fuzz and business is good! Although, these guys are more than just a one trick pony. The cut Ceasing To Exist has some real, real nice clean bluesy guitar. I guess it's just one of my pet peeves; I like a good heavy record, but if you can mix in some other influences and styles, I'm hooked. Let's just say these guys have got me on the line and are reeling me in. Then there are tracks such as Imperial Duster, it has that more classic feel and lies somewhere between Sabbath, Monster Magnet and Maiden or even Priest. The guitarist has a good feel for classic but at the same time can catch you off guard by throwing in an influence that is not expected. That's what makes a band stand out and original. The rhythm section is also on point along with the vocalists being somewhat familiar but not too familiar as to say they sound just like someone else. They have three vocalists! As the album plays on I like it more and more. One of the vocalists even explores more of a punk style on Holy Oath. I could go on and on with the review. Explore The Void by Craneium is a great find for any music fan. Hey record companies!! These fellas are in search of a label to release Explore The Void on vinyl. I know of a couple labels that may want to jump on this. You know who you are. Listen to all nine tracks and you may agree.

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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  1. This is an incredible album and is the perfect mix of Stoner Rock and Doom, Fuzz, and classic crank it up to 11!! The production is really well done, highly recommended.