dinsdag 24 november 2015

Arrecho – Rock and Roll

Arrecho – Rock and Roll
Self released – 2015
Rock, Blues, Metal
Rated: ****

Bad ass rock ‘n roll, that's what Arrecho's album titled Rock and Roll is.  These cats reside in Venezuela and are a fine example of the music being so good I don't care what the singer is saying when I don't understand him. That's right! The shits in Spanish and it rules! At least that is my assumption. According to Wikipedia Venezuela also has at least another dozen indigenous languages. No matter, because I defy you to listen to the song Badao and not bang your head. I picture flames coming off the drummer and the rest of the band wading through the smoke and destruction. All the while a madman at the wheel of the group screaming, yelling and singing. The shit just plain rules, Period!!! Then there's a tune like Artichoke, slowed back, heavy as hell and later on hits a slightly more technical side into a killer guitar solo. The members of Arrecho are true players and keepers of the faith if I've ever heard, with a straight forward in your face approach; much like a Venezuelan AC/DC on a metal and blues binge. They also have an AC/DC cover which is sung in English. I kinda wish they would have translated it into Spanish. Again I don't speak or understand Spanish. But I believe that is what gives Arrecho their magic, besides the kick ass playing and writing. I'm still in awe of the music I receive to review here at the HiVe. Music fans who hover around the surface don't have a clue as to what they are missing. These bands do what they do for the music and passion, rage, happiness and any other emotion they are feeling at the time. They keep the dream alive by keeping it raw and real. Please support Arrecho and all the other fine acts that fly through the HiVe. Thank you Arrecho and the fans of such bands, which I am as well…

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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