zaterdag 26 september 2015

You Know Who – You Know Who

You Know Who – You Know Who
Self Destructo Records – 2015
Rock, Punk, Core, Metal, Desert
Rated: ****

Mike Pygmie on guitar and vocals, Dylan Brown on bass and vocals and Greg Saenz on drums. A veritable who is who from the Palm Desert area. Known for their work with Hermano, John Garcia, Mondo Generator, Waxy, The Dwarves and Sort Of Quartet it was only logical the guys would team up to do something right up their very own speedrock alley. So here’s You Know Who! And with it comes one hell of a sucker punch of a debut album. Low desert skater punk that knocks you straight into a corner. Think Discharge, GBH, Suicidal Tendencies and something that can only come out of that specific steamy hot area. Cause just when you think you got their act down, they dance around you with Cobra Twist or make you dizzy with Recycler. Cause it’s not just a stomp and rush, smash and grab action packed record. No, they do this majestic punk thing they do so well like true genius toreadors. Weaving and faking and grabbing airtime like crazy almost mathematical time junkies. And ofcourse there are some guest spots here and there, on the Recycler track we already mentioned we can hear Sean Wheeler, on Wastoid Nick Oliveri and on Save Me Jebus none other than John Garcia. It’s the icing on their very own speeding technical metal punk cake. You Know Who, we sure do, and they rock like a motherfucker, yes they do!

(Written by JK)

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