zaterdag 5 september 2015

Witchsorrow – No Light, Only Fire

Witchsorrow – No Light, Only Fire
Bertus/Candlelight – 2015
Metal, Doom
Rated: ***

Doom. Good old Doom like the Doom that ever was. That’s what we got from the British freaks from Witchsorrow on their first albums Witchsorrow and God Curse Us. And that is what we will be getting on the new record No Light, Only Fire. Which ones again illuminates the great ones of everything Doom that came before. Legends like Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath and all the rest. The difference that Witchsorrow brings, is the way they speed up on occasion. And with everything present, haunting howls and ditto atmosphere, shimmering compositions of traditional doom and slow lumbering giants. There is absolutely nothing missing on this album. Except perhaps something that makes it truly exceptional. Cause even though we will definitely spin Witchsorrow multiple times, it will probably be filed among the doom records that are unfortunately gathering dust. Because there are so many other records that do have that tiny extra that sparks the imagination and really lights that fire in your belly…

(Written by JK)

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