maandag 14 september 2015

Phase Order – Demo

Phase Order – Demo
Self released – 2015
Metal, Hardcore, Stoner, Doom
Rated: ***

Next up we've got a demo by Phase Order. These fellas out of Chicago, IL have their bandcamp site tagged with the stoner rock and rock moniker. "Yeah maybe". But if someone asked me I would have to say this demo reflects more of a stoner metal, with a definable hardcore edge. The first track called Offering is an instrumental and a nice eight minutes and forty seconds ride. Then Goat House kicks in. I felt like I was at the Fast Lanes circa 1988 in Asbury Park NJ watching a pit of guys beat the crap out of each other. This is a hardcore throwback for sure. I loved it! In my opinion this is where they shine with the drummer who also fronts the band having a vocal styling that of Killing Time N.Y.H.C. Even the length of the track at only a 1:40 stinks of filthy ass core. OK, onto the track Red Flux; maybe here is where the stoner rock tag fits. At almost eight minutes it's a nice jam laden with some cool Sabbath influences. All the players crush this one. But I especially liked the crusty guitar work. Nice demo, I am looking forward to what comes next. Oh, by the way, their bandcamp site says "we will play anywhere". Anyone out there in Chill have a big backyard?

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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