zaterdag 5 september 2015

Kadavar – Berlin

Kadavar – Berlin
Nuclear Blast – 2015
Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Cool As Fuck
Rated: ****

What do you do when your first two albums set the bar for retro seventies fuzz rock and your third album is eagerly awaited? A lot of bands would recycle their old riffs and leave it at that. Thank fuck, Kadavar have come up with new killer riffs, cool song compositions and a slightly more polished production sound which has expanded their sonic horizons meaning the tracks sound massive and rock like a bastard. No song wastes space and you are head nodding from start to finish. Huge guitar tones, heavy riffs, driving rhythms and melodic vocals combined with magnificent solos awash with fuzz give me all I require to have my day brightened up into something worthwhile and when it all ends I want to play again instantly. In a genre that sometimes depends on cut ’n paste rip offs, the lads from Berlin are swaggering down their own path… Grab some beer, put on your shades and follow then, you will not regret it.

(Written by Tony)

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