dinsdag 22 september 2015

Child – Healer

Child – Healer
Self released – 2015
Rock, Hard, Psych, Metal
Rated: ****

California's Child, not to be confused with the Melbourne based Child, has LA on fire and let the mutha burn. Hell yeah!!! The new LP Healer by Child is out and the shits hot. A plethora of rock, metal, doom and psych all rolled into one cool flowing record. I like how these guys link their tunes on the album via space sounding guitar and other noise much in the vein of Monster Magnet’s 1995 Dopes To Infinity. I enjoyed all the cuts on Healer, but my favorite has to be Window. My only beef would be the vocals are way to echoed/reverberated for my liking. I believe the vocalist has a better voice than he is allowing us to hear. I encourage all the fans of hard ass rock to give these guys a listen. Maybe even purchase their shit on bandcamp so we can get these filthy rockers to a more acceptable section of the valley!

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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