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Charlie Tooth talks to Space Chant Records

Space Chant Records - Interview

There's a new label coming out of New Jersey and I believe they're gonna make a hell of a splash with their first release from the Long Beach, CA based act Plant Tribe. I was able to get a hold of Doug Gleason of Space Chant Records for a quick little Q & A.

S.H.- So Doug, how are things going and are you on target with your first release for Space Chant Records called Plant Tribe?

Doug - Things are going well. We are on target for our first release from Plant Tribe. It will be out this fall and we couldn't be more excited to bring it out and can't wait for people to hear. Not only is it our debut release, but it is their debut LP so it is real exciting for everyone.

S.H.- Plant Tribe, why Plant Tribe? How did you meet them?

Doug - Well, I found Plant Tribe while browsing on bandcamp. The name caught my attention right away along with the fantastic cover artwork for their single "Eternal Villainy". So I decided to give them a listen and their music blew me away. I thought, wow, these guys have something special. A sound you do not hear every day crafted together very well and weaving a mixture of influences and genres together to create a unique sound. So after hearing them I decided to contact them and introduce myself and the label.

S.H.- Why did you start Space Chant Records? Is it to sort of preserve rock music?

Doug - Well, yes that is one of the many focuses. I have always been a fan of many different genres of music. Rock ‘n roll has always been a favorite, all kinds, but especially the kind that expands the mind. So there is that; and also, I really believe there are quite a few special bands/artists out there who go under the radar and deserve much more exposure and recognition, even in the underground world. So the whole goal is to bring some more exposure to the music and get the music out there to many more ears.

S.H.- What was the instant, the moment in time, the conversation that prompted you to really start the label?

Doug – It was a dream of mine for a couple years before I actually went for it. But many factors came together for me to finally say I am going to do this and turn the dream into a reality. One main one was being unhappy with my current occupation. So I thought, having the record label come about would be a great way to slowly transition over to eventually working for myself. That is the long term goal. At first, not knowing where to start and feeling overwhelmed about starting it, kept me from actually starting the label. But, after doing some research and finding the right band, it came together at a great time.

S.H.- What's your background as far as music goes?

Doug - I have always been a big music fan ever since my father introduced me to Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven" when I was a young child. I learned a little bit of guitar and bass years ago, but never put the practice and time into it. But my interest in music has always been growing. I love seeking out and finding new music. There are many great artists and bands waiting to be discovered out there and every once in a while you will find something very special. Which is a great feeling.

S. H.- I originally discovered Space Chant Records when searching for a label for my own upcoming project. What is your demo policy, and do you encourage bands to submit material?

Doug - Space Chant does not really have a demo policy as of yet. Basically just send over a message or send a link to your music. Get in contact if you think your sound is a good fit. So we definitely encourage bands to send in material.

S.H.- Can you elaborate on what "a good fit for the label" might be? Especially for those people that haven't heard Plant Tribe yet. Maybe some examples of bands you would have signed?

Doug - Good Question! And a tough one to answer, haha. Really, I am looking for unique bands creating new psychedelic sounds. There are no boundaries or anything. I love music that makes you feel something, music that is intelligent and crafted well together. Powerful music with a message or music that you can space out to or groove to. And this all falls under the umbrella of psychedelia for the most part. Which is a pretty broad term in itself. I see psychedelia as anything that moves the mind. Some bands I really love at the moment and would love to work with would be: Electric Eye, Ecstatic Vision and The Night Beats to name a few.

S.H.- What kind of ride has it been getting Space Chant off the ground?

Doug - I must say, it has been a learning process. At first it seemed a bit overwhelming and challenging. But you take it on one step at a time and go about it intelligently. I am keeping an open mind and absorbing things I learn so that I can make it run better and smoother as time goes on.

Thank you Doug for joining us here at the Stoner HiVe. Is there anything you would like to add?

"Peace & Love brothers and sisters"!

"Thanks Doug, you too..."

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

Check the links below for more on Space Chant Records and a small sample of Plant Tribe's upcoming release Late Noon.

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