woensdag 1 oktober 2014

Electric Wizard – Time To Die

Electric Wizard – Time To Die
Spinefarm Records – 2014
Doom, Doom and some more Doom
Rated: ?????

To borrow from Magritte – “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” – this is not a review, rather more a collection of thoughts about the new Electric Wizard album that have struck me as I play it. A lot of cry-babies want “Dopethrone” to be recorded over and over and over again. These words will not be for you. I like a band to try new ideas, sounds, concepts etc and not to live on past glories. And so I have actually listened to other albums this remarkable and influential group of changing musicians have offered us. The word “Doom” now seems to encompass anyone with heavy rock leanings and the words “Witch” or “Black” somewhere in their name. Oh and a female vocalist? Perfect… I really like many of these bands but Doom they ain’t – just great rock bands. Live with it. The Wizard have stuck to a vision of bleakness, darkness, heaviness and nightmarish visions that refuse to be defined by a cool riff or retro leanings. They mean it man! The clean(ish) production that has dominated the last couple of albums has been replaced with a suffocating stew of murky beats and distant vocals, filthy, half heard solos and riffs that sound like misery. This album is not meant to be liked or admired but played as a statement of intent. Is it any good? Yes. Is it great? ….. I need to give it some more plays before I can make my mind up. Is it the best Doom album you will hear this year? No. Play it and make your own mind up.

(Written by Tony)

And do you remember which position Black Masses was on according to 37 freaks who voted for the Stoner HiVe top 20 in 2010?

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