woensdag 26 februari 2014

Volume IV – Long In The Tooth

Volume IV – Long In The Tooth
Ripple Music – 2014
Rock, Hard, Classic, Metal, Stoner, Sludge
Rated: ****
If you want to hear the perfect amalgam of classic power hard rock, metal, punk and stoner mixed with some tasty grunge, doom and sludge tidbits; you need to check out the new album Long In The Tooth by the Atlanta trio Volume IV. With a biker mentality and an equal amount of beards and fists; these tough lords guzzle their bourbon straight from the bottle and you shall never see them lit that ever burning cigar stump in the corner of their mouth. Gritty, grimy, gruff and grungy. Especially on Save Your Servant; that not only heralds some forgotten Soundgarden, but also moves and has an organ that helps the song into the perfect mid-album spotlight. But this album has so much and so much diversity it is impossible to name all the highlights. You simple have no choice but to kick start your hog and join them on the road…
(Written by JK)

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