donderdag 13 februari 2014

Black Space Riders – D:Rei

Black Space Riders – D:Rei
Self released/Cargo – 2014
Rock, Metal, Stoner, Grunge, Doom, Sludge, Space
Rated: ****

Ominous slow rising sounds of water and seemingly lost notes that bop along the waves towards a destination unknown. But then suddenly the shore looms up and it shows a rider, moving fast along the rocky cliff, on some sort of sacred mission, and he passes thousands of folk that are standing there, in the dark, staring at the black water… Holy crap, this is one hell of a start to the new album D:Rei by the German quintet Black Space Riders. An album that holds so much beauty in its grasp it sometimes almost becomes unbearable. It not only excels in fusing all the heavy elements we all hold dear into something unique and powerful. It also shines in delivering monstrous stoner grooves and grungy aggression. But there’s more! Weird little eighties sounding moments and tricky experimental nineties metal. Open chords and crazy almost moaning vocals at times battling the absolute booming sound. Highly diverse, adventurous and absolutely surging in intensity like the pounding waves upon the coccolithic cliffs. It tests the rocky heights on how much it can take. How much can you take?
(Written by JK)

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  1. Really loved this album! Give Gravitation to the People kicks ass!